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Python Academy

Python Academy

Python is a widely used and fast growing programming language which is in high demand for jobs. Many of the STEM Core internships utilize Python programming to solve problems ranging from industrial automation to artificial intelligence. In this 2-week Python Academy, STEM Core students will learn Python in a live, synchronous course from a technology professional and cybersecurity consultant. The course is free to participants and will result in handson Python proficiency and a certificate displayable on sites like LinkedIn. This interactive course will consist of both lecture sessions and supported active programming time to solve fun problems!

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Program details

Class from 9-11am PST weekdays and Drop-in tutor session 1:30-2:30pm PST

  • Each student will work on a hands-on program
  • All lectures will be recorded
  • Each student receives a certificate on completion alteast 80% of assignments and final project

SessionDescriptionNotes from Session
July 21, 2023

Information Session (Friday 4-5pm PST)


Why Programming, Why Python? Address questions.

  1. Slides
  2. apply
August 3, 2023

Orientation (Thursday 10-11:30am PST)


Break ice, Review skills, Setup Accounts

  1. discord invite
  2. roster
  3. google colab
  4. Recording
August 7, 2023

Getting Started with Python (Monday 9-11am PST)


Initial Programs

  1. Slides
  2. classwork colab01
  3. homework colab (make your copy)
  4. python documentation
  5. Recording
August 8, 2023



TypeConversions, Scope, Functions, TryCatch and Testing

  1. Slides
  2. classwork colab02
  3. homework colab (make your copy)
  4. python functions
  5. scopes
  6. Recording
August 9, 2023

Expressivity with Python


Lists, Dictionaries, Iterators, Classes, Reading Code

  1. Slides
  2. classwork colab
  3. HW: Post on discord - PEP8 & Notes on Python Code you read
  4. HW: add project idea in projects tab
  5. HW: calculator-3 colab (make copy)
  6. Recording
August 10, 2023

Python Productivity – (Lists & Comprehensions)


Classes, List Comprehension, Slicing

  1. Slides
  2. classwork
  3. HW: Read One Mental Model and post on Discord
  4. HW: List comphrension (10 random numbers and their squares)
  5. HW: Make calculator with classes
  6. HW: Adding Motivation to Projects tab
  7. Recording
August 11, 2023

STEAM with Python!


Python notebooks with scientific analysis, Code Review

  1. Slides
  2. classwork
  3. HW: Finish Calculator
  4. HW: Code review Calculator and post in discord
  5. HW: Implement one mental model from
  6. HW: Add implementation detals for your project
  7. Recording
August 14, 2023

How To Keep Learning


Solving day to day problems, learning Javascript

  1. Slides
  2. HW: Read Code Review Tips
  3. HW: Finish & Review Calculator
  4. HW: Read How to learn Programming
  5. HW: Add Python Music Program based on this Javascript program
  6. Recording
August 15, 2023

Working with Code & Using AI like ChatGPT


Github tutorial, using ChatGPT, testing etc.

  1. Slides
  2. Upload your Calculator to Github
  3. HW: Share your project Colab or Code
  4. Recording
August 16, 2023

Securing & Debugging Python Programs


Learning to write fast and secure programs

  1. Slides
  2. Classwork: Colab
  3. Recording
August 17, 2023

Porject review & Invited talks


Review projects

  1. Logging Colab
  2. Recording
August 18, 2023

Presentation Day from 9-11:30am PST Please Join


Guest talk and Project completion

Through the Python Academy, we aim at having a comprehensive introduction to Python prorgamming languagee, and exposing students to real-life programming projects. The program finale will showcases student work and projects to a broad audience.

Student Projects

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1 Task Presets Code

The user will be able to save a preset of applications to have open. When running the preset, it will open the applications set in the preset. There will be extra options such as closing other applications upon running the preset, turning on do not disturb, etc.

Justin Sommervile

2 Recipe finder Code

Enter ingredients you want to cook with, function will return list of urls that direct you to recipes that utilize those ingredients

Eslin and MichaelJ

3 Contact Information Web Scraper Code

Webscraper that returns the name/group, role of the person/group, and their phone number and/or email

Allison Galon

4 Chemy (A Laboratory assistant) Code

A Laboratory assistant designed to find chemical elements and display relative data.

Rodolfo Peluzzo

5 Vehicle Maintenance Manager Code

Enter ingredients you want to cook with, function will return list of urls that direct you to recipes that utilize those ingredients

Michael Lee

Student Certificates

Eslin Villalta certificate pdf
Michael Lee certificate pdf
Michael Jordan certificate pdf
Allison Galon certificate pdf
Justin Sommerville certificate pdf
Rodolfo Peluzzo certificate pdf

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