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Python Academy

Python Academy

Python is a widely used and fast growing programming language which is in high demand for jobs. Many of the STEM Core internships utilize Python programming to solve problems ranging from industrial automation to artificial intelligence. In this 2-week Python Academy, STEM Core students will learn Python in a live, synchronous course from a technology professional and cybersecurity consultant. The course is free to participants and will result in handson Python proficiency and a certificate displayable on sites like LinkedIn. This interactive course will consist of both lecture sessions and supported active programming time to solve fun problems!

Coming soon! The Cyber Defenders Python Academy

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Program details

Nov 18, 2022

Information Session

Questions answered. Presentation is here

Dec 16, 2022*


Students should complete Hobbies, Computer background and Discord setup at [Class-1-sheet]

Jan 9-20

Classes and offices hours


Jan 20*


Student Presentations

Through the Python Academy, we aim at having a comprehensive introduction to Python prorgamming languagee, and exposing students to real-life programming projects. The program finale will showcases student work and projects to a broad audience.

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