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Python Academy

Python Academy

Python is a widely used and fast growing programming language which is in high demand for jobs. Many of the STEM Core internships utilize Python programming to solve problems ranging from industrial automation to artificial intelligence. In this 2-week Python Academy, STEM Core students will learn Python in a live, synchronous course from a technology professional and cybersecurity consultant. The course is free to participants and will result in handson Python proficiency and a certificate displayable on sites like LinkedIn. This interactive course will consist of both lecture sessions and supported active programming time to solve fun problems!

Program Completed! The Cyber Defenders Python Academy

Enrollment Complete

Next Up - Sessions and Office Hours

Program details

Nov 18, 2022

Information Session

  • Questions answered. Presentation is here
Dec 16, 2022



  • Introductions and Break the ice
  • Reviewed Basic Programming
  • Working with Google Colab, and an assignment
  • Sharing work on Github, please post link to your Gist on class discord.
  • Homework to propose a programming project
  • Slides for the class are here
  • Lecture recording is here


  • Students should complete Hobbies, Computer background, Discord, Gooogle Colab & Github setup at roster-sheet


  • Details in slides above - “Write 3 paragraphs proposing an end of class programming project, graphics welcome as well”. Please post the link on class discord.
Jan 9th

Class (Data types, Getting help, Conditionals, Functions)

Homework (details in slides):

  • Attendance in Roster
  • Write a better day of week program with user input, and functions
  • Simulate the basic calculator function in a simple python program and obtain user input to perform the arithmetic operations
  • Get a sentence from the user and sort the words in alphabetical order


Jan 10th

Office Hours Tues 12-2pm PST

  • Office Hours on Tuesday Jan 10th from 12-2pm
Jan 11th

Class Programming Skills (Wed 9am-12pm PST)

Homework(details in slides):

  1. Read PEP 8 -
  2. Code Review one function from the project -
  3. Code Review for Class 1 HW for your assigned person
  4. Write a program to play tic tac toe as a computer (player 1 and player 2), and display results of wins on a graph after 10 runs of the program:
    • To play as a computer use randint(0,2)
    • (Game Play) 1 -> (1, 1), 0 -> (2, 2), ….
    • Result: Player 1 - (# wins), Player 0 - (# wins)
    • Display on histogram after 10 runs of wins
  5. Get your project and team added in “Project Tab” of Roster)
Jan 12th

Office hours 9 -11am PST

  • Office Hours on Thursday, Jan 12th from 9-11am
Jan 13th
  • Class Analysis (Friday 9am-12pm PST)


  • Python Readbility
  • How your program runs?
  • Solving a problem
  • Python Expressibility
  • Hints for python academy reader

In class:

  • Add a python flash card with a question in pythonacademy github.
  • README explains how to add a flashcard

Homework (details in slides)

  1. Implement flip-a-coin 10 times played between two players and show it on a graph
  2. Create a random list of 10 integers and write a function to square them using map
  3. Create a python program to show the flashcards which uploaded each card is yml
Jan 14th (*new*)

Project update and office hours

  • Office Hours on Sat, Jan 14th from 3-4:30pm
Jan 16th

Class Monday 9am-12pm PST

In-class work

  1. Make a class with str method
    • print the person1’s personality it should say
    • person: name is of personality type: personality
  2. Make a list of classes called room
    • make a room of three people
    • write a for loop for each one of them to call speak() method.


  1. Implement TicTacToe as a class
  2. Put external link for your project
  3. Read PYTUDES, mention one problem on discord to solve.

Way in which you can use Python

Jan 17th

Office Hours 12-2pm PST

Jan 18th

Class Wednesday 9am-12pm PST


  1. Visualize computation using PythonTutor
  2. Write Javascript program using Earsketch Javascript example, Python Example
  3. Review Winning Wordle from Pytudes


  1. Read the article - 10 years to learn programming and post on Discord what you thought of it, and what will do in next 3 months to improve your programming skills.
  2. If you guys are interested (send me a note on Discord) we will do problem solving session one every 6-8 weeks where we can look at one of the problems in PyTudes
  3. Extra points make a flash card flipping function for Python Academy Application

Presentation Format

  1. Introduce the problem and motivation - 3 mins
  2. Show the program - 3 mins
  3. Explain the code - 2-3 mins
  4. Future possibilities / unfinished work - 2-3 mins
  5. Please make sure your code following naming as per PEP8
Jan 19th

Office Hours Thursday 9-11am PST

Jan 20th

Presentation Day from 9-11:30am PST Please Join

Zoom Recording

Student Presentations


  1. 9-9:30 : Introductions
  2. 9:30-10:30a : Project Presentations
  3. 10:30-11:00 Guest conversation
  4. 11:00-11:15am Class wrap-up and certificates

Program Summary

Through the Python Academy, we aim at having a comprehensive introduction to Python prorgamming languagee, and exposing students to real-life programming projects. The program finale will showcases student work and projects to a broad audience.

Student Projects

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Task Presets Presentation

The user will be able to save a preset of applications to have open. When running the preset, it will open the applications set in the preset. There will be extra options such as closing other applications upon running the preset, turning on do not disturb, etc.

Justin Sommervile

Recipe finder Presentation

Enter ingredients you want to cook with, function will return list of urls that direct you to recipes that utilize those ingredients

Eslin and MichaelJ

Contact Information Web Scraper Presentation

Webscraper that returns the name/group, role of the person/group, and their phone number and/or email

Allison Galon

Chemy (A Laboratory assistant) Presentation

A Laboratory assistant designed to find chemical elements and display relative data.

Rodolfo Peluzzo

Vehicle Maintenance Manager Presentation

Enter ingredients you want to cook with, function will return list of urls that direct you to recipes that utilize those ingredients

Michael Lee

Student Certificates

Ameen Haq certificate
Cantoran Moises certificate
Carolyn Beatty certificate
Celeste Villarreal certificate
Francisco Coronado certificate
Francisco Ramos certificate
Genesis Bejarano certificate
Harshini Jayaprakash certificate
Janice Morales certificate
Jason Borroel certificate
Jassielle Villicana certificate
Jessica Nguyen certificate
Justine Guerra certificate
Kahlan Williams certificate
Kevin demesa certificate
Leslie Cuellar certificate
Patrick Jojola certificate
Raelynn Tucker certificate
Rik Burson certificate

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