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Bridging the gap between institutional education and the cybersecurity industry.

Cyber Defenders provides experiential, industry-partnered programs designed to provide students with a gateway into cybersecurity careers. Join us for our workshop at NICE K12 Conference.

New! NCAT Summer Program!
It's a wrap! 2020 in Review!
It's a wrap! Join us on Dec 5, 2019 at Airbnb HQ for the workshop Cybersecurity for Non Profits
It's a wrap! We brought our Escape Room to Alameda Mini Maker Faire on Sunday Aug 11, 2019.
It's a wrap! We completed hackathon & demo day on Saturday Aug 17, 2019 at Berkeley Skydeck.
It's a wrap We are excited to announce winners of our Hackathon on June 1 Merritt College.
It's a wrap Here is our leaderboard for teams which completed our Harry Potter themed Cyber Security Escape Room at MakerFaire and San Fransisco public library.
Report 2019 in Review!
Congrats! Congratulations to Santa Teresa Highschoolers completing our 7-week Cyber Explorers program.

What is the problem?

Cyber attacks are costing companies millions a year. Because of these constantly looming threats, companies cannot afford to be understaffed; the need for specialized talent is increasing in the cybersecurity industry. However, an alarming lack of secondary education options to prepare students for entry-level cybersecurity jobs means that many students are not aware of the variety of careers available in cybersecurity.

The Solution

The Cyber Defenders mission is to help close the cybersecurity workforce gap by training professionals seeking new opportunities in cybersecurity and related fields. The Cyber Defenders program finds untapped potential, provides them with job-ready security skills without the burden of years of debt, and helps and encourages them to lift their local communities.