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Summer Program!

Our 2019 Abridged Summer program is hosted by Merritt College and is starting on July 10th! The 2018 Summer program was at San Jose Evergreen College and this video made by the students showcases all the fun!! So apply to this program soon!

Summer Program

College students and working professionals welcome

  • Participate in a 6 week long summer program which gives you a leg up on industry experience!
  • Build healthy security awareness practices for yourself, friends, family, school, and community!
  • Come up with ideas and get help prototyping them with industry mentors and teammates!
  • Contribute to opensource cyber security projects with help of industry mentors and teammates!

During this program, you will

  • Get hands-on Cyber Security problem solving experience.
  • Referencable experience contributing to open source projects.
  • Work on a industry mentored tangible cybersecurity project in a team setting.
  • Get an opportunity to present your work to security experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will you provide computers?
No, we expect hackathon partiants to bring their laptop computers. Please reach out to us if you will have issue with that. Having said thanks to TechShop, we will have a few computers available as loaners, so reach out to us early to book them.

Should I apply sooner to qualify?
Yes, we have limited seats so please apply early.

What day/time will the program be on?
For in class sessions currently we are shooting for Tues & Thursdays. Idea is that in class is from 1-4 on Tuesday at Merritt and Thursday 3-6 at Laney (still TBD), the rest of 14 hours the groups are expected to work on your own time. We are trying to get a feel for what might work best for the group, and are also working on having classrooms available for rest of the days for the groups to work together.

Past Curriculum

2018 Curriculum

Past Projects

(Optional) Application Security for React Developers

Sample Program

Cyber Defenders is a cybersecurity program training Silicon Valley high school and community college students in industry-level cybersecurity skills including application security, network security, penetration testing, machine learning and AI. Employer partners include Facebook, Malwarebytes, Tanium, Symantec, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Shape Security and others. Alumni have transferred to CS degree programs at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and cybersecurity internships.