Internships, Jobs & Other Opportunities

We work hard to open the right doors for our students.

Opportunities for All Summer Internship Program


Students need to enroll at the provided link to be eligible for the Internship. Additionally, they need to live in SF or go to school in SF or have a parent/guardian that lives in SF.

highschool externship
Submitted By Mel Anderson

Research Papers for High School & Middle School


We encourage all middle school or high school students to submit research that tests a reasonable hypothesis. JEI does not judge submissions based on the “cutting edge” nature of the research, and access to university labs and advanced techniques are not required. In fact, some of the most noteworthy manuscripts submitted to JEI use inexpensive, household materials in creative ways to test an interesting question. We focus on your ability to pose and successfully address an interesting scientific question, not the sophistication of the techniques.

highschool publication
Submitted By Vaibhav Bhandari

Internship Opportunities - Summer 2020


Tanium hires degree program students in entry level jobs as software engineers or technical account managers for 10 week internships.

Submitted By Vaibhav Bhandari