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Merritt College Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Welcome to CIS 60 Computer Forensics Fundamentals! During this course, you will be presented with an overview of computer forensics, including computer investigation processes, operating systems boot processes, and disk structures. You’ll learn data acquisition tools, techniques. You’ll develop your skills of analysis &technical writing. We will discuss the legal and ethical obligations of a forensic analyst. And, finally, the objectives of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) certification.

Program details

Friday, March 22

Introduction to digital forensics

Read Chapter 1-4, Quiz 1, Labs

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Friday, March 29


Friday, April 5

Legal aspects of forensics and being an expert witness

Read Chapter 14-16

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Friday, April 12

Forensics methodology and filesystem forensics (Guest - Julie Tsai)

Read Chapter 5-8

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Friday, April 19

Network forensics & memory forensics (Guest - Sherman Kwok)

Read Chapter 9-10

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Friday, April 26

Internet & social media forensics & mobile forensics

Read Chapter 11-13

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Friday, May 3

Student Case Presentations & Guest - Abhishek Agarwal


Final Presentations and Guest Lecture

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