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2019 In Review!

We compiled our work in 2019 in photos, numbers and more! We are looking forward to an equally amazing 2020!.

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2019 in Photos

Cyber Explorers
Escape Room
Non Profit Workshop
Teacher Training

2019 in Numbers



Number of students, and adults who visited our escape rooms in 2019!


Escape Rooms

We did 5 escape rooms 1 at SF Public library, 1 at Santa Teresa High School and 3 at Maker Faire (Palo Alto, Alameda, and Oakland). Fastest time was 4mins 30 seconds, and average about 15 minutes.


Hackathon Projects

Our annual hackathon had 8 projects. All of them were reviewed and apprised by industry.


Summer Program Cohorts

Our summer program featured 3 industry (for-profit and non-profit) led projects.


High School Students

With Cyber Explorers we trained more than 25 highschool kids who completed 8 projects at Santa Teresa HighSchool.


Teachers trained

We trained more than 20 teachers at NICE K12 Conference on using games in cyber security classroom.


Security Tools for Non Profits

We have over 12 tools to make cyber security easy for non profits.


Blog Visitors!

Visitors to our medium blog.

2019 in Videos